Thursday, May 07, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons.....Eat BBQ

May 6, 2015 brought our visit to the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Stephen B. Bader at Providence Cancer Center located at Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon.  The motto of the Center is: New Discoveries. New Treatments. New Hope.....As An Artist, I appreciated the wealth of art throughout the Center.

  As a former professional in the Medical Field, I appreciated the knowledge and competence and compassion of the staff.  I have been so blessed to meet and feel entirely at ease with first my surgeon, Dr. Cook and now my radiation oncologist, Dr. Bader.  

There is no excuse to not be informed.  Lots of information and support contacts in the book room as well as a detailed exam and explanations of the goals of the treatments.  After surgery on May 13, 2015 and two weeks of healing, radiation will begin with 5 weeks of 5 days a week 10 minute treatments.  

Again, grateful.....A motorhome that we can park at Tom's brother's house with a 25 minute commute each day and scheduling that allows early treatment on Fridays, late treatment on Mondays, giving us close to four days at home.  Again, grateful for the peace of mind that on the 3 days I am not home,  the caregivers will come in to help Mom.   God is GOOD all the TIME and ALL the time God is GOOD.  Again, grateful that I will be able to enjoy Portland in the summertime and make trips to the Rose Gardens and the Chinese Gardens, and the Pearl District and the yarn shops and the Goodwills....and many, many more sights and sounds I have not had the chance to experience in the 25 years of living in Oregon.  

Can a hospital be beautiful and soothe the soul?  Yes!!!! 

From the Art everywhere to......

 Giant sky lights that flood the radiation oncology center underground with glorious LIGHT........
 To outdoor gardens and places to eat outdoors.............................................

To Wonderful indoor fountains..............................................................

A book store that makes me feel that I am suppose to be here in this moment in time as it proclaims one of my favorite sayings...."Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take but by the moments that take our breath away" is where the story gets so very real and rich.....In 1993-94-95....I was at this hospital quite  abit.....My first husband was dying from Interstitial fibrosis which is a gradual death from your little air sacs being destroyed one by one until you can no longer breath.....The physicians hate this disease because there is no cure and it's MEAN!   One day walking by the Chapel.....I heard God say..."COME" and at that moment, I yelled at him in anger and hurt and said "NO WAY"  "You took my son, you are taking my husband,  I want nothing to do with YOU!!!!"

On May 6, 2015, I returned to that Chapel to thank God for NOT giving up on Me, for pursuing me and for showing me the way to true life.  I thanked God for making me stronger that I ever thought possible in my Faith and in my LOVE for him and I thanked him for everything he has given me since I returned to his arms!   

So.......When Life on this Earth gives you Lemons.....What else can you do but eat BBQ!

Would like to thank everyone for their continuing prayers.  I can feel the LOVE........Rosie

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