Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sitting in the Hot Seat!

It's amazing how God weaves a tapestry intermingling our life as he moves the shuttle back and forth.

On March 12, 2015 this message arrived in my inbox from one of my high school classmates.  We are coming up on our 50th Reunion in 2016.  The Mighty Trojans of Lake Worth High School in Lake Worth, Florida.

Dear friends, 
As you know by now, last month I received some real bad news.  I was diagnosed with ALS.  It was a bitter pill to swallow that's for sure.  Finding positive things to say about this disease is sort of like trying to polish up a fresh lump of dog poop.  No matter how hard you's still a stinky mess.  
The good thing I want everyone to understand is that I am at peace with the new road I'm on.  I'm a Christian.  I understand that our Lord has a plan, much grander then our own feeble efforts, and I'm not second guessing his will.  Yes, I've prayed for his mercy , but always, always that his will be done.  
I reviewed the list of our deceased classmates Betsy recently sent out. That list didn't include one of my life's best friends....Good ol' Mike Bruguiere.  Thinking of him, and all those who we've lost, I can do no more then thank God for all the wonderful years he's given me to enjoy on earth  Friends, if I were to make a list of all the blessings I've received in my life, I'd be typing for days. Better just to say, my life has been great.  For this I rejoice.
I will leave you with this thought.  It's something good about this one way ticket I'm holding for the Jordan Ford........Right now I'm still strong and mobile, they tell me I've got 2-5 years before I'm finished.  That's a pretty good long time to say goodbye to those I love.  A blessing on it's own, when compared to the heartache associated with those of us who are taken suddenly.  Additionally, this crazy disease doesn't hurt, and although I'll lose my ability to move or talk, I'll still be able to feel everything and have my full mental functions.  I'll slowly turn into a baby, then one day go to sleep and be gone.  
This leads me to share with you the grandest gift God has blessed me with:  :  My wonderful wife, Gina Kaye.  One of these days she'll be my new Mommy.  She's a registered nurse.  She'll be taking care of me........and be loving me all the way to Glory.
BUT that's later, right now I ain't dead yet. I'll be setting my sights at our 50th reunion and hope to see everyone there.  Till then...................
Best wishes, your classmate and friend, Glenn Shelhamer

and then on March 22, 2015 Kara Tippetts left this world.  Through a post by Ann Voskamp I learned of Kara's book The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life's Hard which I purchased and read.  Just LOVE Kindle....

Looking back.....I can see that the stage was set by our perfect God and in his perfect timing on April 10, 2015 herevealed his current plan for me.  Not my plans but his!  I know this journey will be full of his grace and mercy and he will pull me closer and closer and refine me more and more.  I look forward to what God will reveal next.  

Meanwhile back to life on this Earth, the greatest human treasure God has given me is my wonderful, funny, loving, caring, faith-driven, God revering husband.  Just caught him preparing for our trip to Lake Havasu next week.  He has become a real clothes horse and a cook too.....Amazing huh.....

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