Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recession??? What Recession???

We are suffering from the "deer in the headlight" syndrome.  We are the middle class....we are small business owners....we have property, we have equity, we have debt.  We experience all the economy has to offer.  We are always the middle....supporting both ENDS....the poor and the rich.....We are not complaining. just sick in our heart, knowing that until America realizes that our greatness does not come from democracy but from morals....and returns to morals and God for the answers and realizes  that the true  BAIL OUT  is eternal life....the blinders are then lifted, and you can find the true joy that no man implemented plan can provide.  In the can read here how the money manufactured to keep you happy is going to be doled out....let's get in line with our hand out.....yippee skippee  

excerpt from one of the news channels....

How will the Recovery Act work?

Very soon, the different agencies -- such as the Departments of Education; Health and Human Services; and Energy -- will decide who will receive award grants and contracts. Sometimes the money will go to a state government; other times, the funds will go directly to a school, hospital, contractor, or other organization. Agencies will then deliver that information to the team. We will subsequently make the information available on, and you will be able to track where the money is going. You'll be able to search by state or even by Congressional district; you'll be able to look up names of Federal contractors or other recipients of Federal dollars; and you'll be able to send in comments, thoughts, ideas, questions, and any responses you have to what you find. More from

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