Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Flies when You are having Fun

Gosh.....where does time go??? It marches on....You can not stop it, there are no delays, no control....It goes and you either savor it or you curse it....Your choice. Time is not an enemy. It is our friend. It is the place we get to do our best or our worse and then it becomes our enemy or our friend. It's really our choice. No one to blame, just us and time. Do with it what you will. No one has more than the other, no one has less than the other....It is an even playing field. We start at the starting point but not all end at the same place. You can not feel sad about it. We are all given the same choice.....What makes us choose differently is a mystery that is not up to me to answer. I want so desperately to share the truth. The salvation, the peace, the joy, the comfort of knowing Jesus Christ......Have I always known it....oh no....that would be too easy....But I know it now and it is powerful. It is overwhelming, it is is Jesus Christ. Scripture....look up the rainbow promise. For some reason, before I knew, everytime I saw a rainbow or even more dramatic, when a rainbow was presented to me in my darkest hour, I felt a connection to God. I did not know why????? but then we, my husband and I, began to read the bible in a year. and in Genesis, the rainbow covenant is revealed. God's promise which I knew but did not know why was suddenly revealed in all it's glory. Do you know how powerful that is???? So I wish to all, to everyone, the power of the rainbow.....Look!!! and more than look...actually see. the promise you are given....embrace it, cherish it, live it and you are on your way to eternal life.....Whooeee....what could be more exciting. Rosie the wildwoman

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