Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's About Common Courtesy NOT Customer Service

I just got off the phone confirming a reservation I have at an RV park. I am a happy person(even when things are not going my way) and I have a cheerful voice. Actually, I am a delight to talk to.....But it seems no one has the time to talk as the phone clicked dead in my ear before I got a chance to say "THANK YOU" for answering my question.

Get real folks...... the customer has no more rights than the employee....

The pedestrian has no more rights than the motorist

the bicyclist has no more rights than the car

the personal pulling out on to the highway has no more rights than the person traveling on that highway..

Our only claim to fame and a joyful life is "COMMON COURTESY"..... if we exercise that in our lives.....we will enjoy our journey, find bliss and just be a really nice person to all we come in contact with....

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