Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poseidon's Coronation

back side of necklace

Amphitrite’s Jewel Box: “Poseidon’s Coronation”
Materials/Process: The process started by listening to my customers when they were in my gallery. My work is big, bold, heavy, dramatic and intimidating. The biggest complaint has been ” it’s too heavy”. These comments led me to explore aluminum, a medium that is light-weight, cuts with scissors, needs no filing, is dyeable,and is just plain fun to work with.

I focused my attention to the sea which has always been a soothing element for me. Amphitrite’s Jewel Box: “Poseidon’s Coronation” was designed using hand cut aluminum which was colored with metal dyes and accented with hand poured resin sea life and fused dichroic jewel bits and then strung with dyed abalone shell and aurora borealis tear drop beads.
The earrings are hand cut aluminum dyed with metal dyes and accented with resin and fused dichroic jewel bits.
The neck piece bears one of my signature stylings in that the focal centerpiece is designed on the back as well.
The jewel box is essential in my explorations as I live in my own jewel box (my gallery) and I delight in wearing my jewels, playing with my jewels and sharing my jewel box with everyone that visits.

Dimensions HXWXD 2”X20”X1/4” earrings: 2”X1/2”X5/16” PRICE: $125.00

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Deirdra Doan said...

So beautiful, I love your necklace. I would like to see it. My birthday is Jan.31 near yours. I will be at Art and Soul too!