Friday, June 02, 2006


What does it take to be famous and why would you want it? Webster defines famous as "widely known b : honored for achievement." Widely know by how many? How many have to know you for you to be deemed "famous"? What type of "achievement" gives you the status of "famous". Who determines that???? What is the motivation or desire to call you "FAMOUS" Do you feel better if you are "Famous", are you healthier?, are you happier than the non-famous? What do you think about the non-famous? are they losers? or just the meek who fill the cracks in your sidewalk to keep it smooth??? Do the famous deserve, by some special decree, smooth sidewaks? Do you think they really have them? Fame is like a slick oil, sweet, deceiving, demanding and empty. Oh, it might feel good for a while, and ohhhhh the money can be so enticing, the attention can be so hypnotic but when it leaves (or you do) you are forgotten, just a word in a book, unimportant, forgotten, replaced by the NEW famous.

Miss Rosie says.....we are all famous, we all have achievements, we, the ones who fills the cracks in the sidewalk, have the awesome task of inpowering those who are intimidated by those who promote and/or are false idols.

We have the ability to share with everyone the good feeling of being important, of being loved, of being worthy.....We just need to DO IT every day.

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