Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is Time Friend or Foe???

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 Today is my day off. The first part of the morning was spent with a very talented jewelry designer, Jay Blackwood. My mom and I went to her home and looked at her studio and all of her one-of-a kind wearable art. What a talented lady. Incredible work with only the finest of materials. All one of a kind jewelry designs with semi-precious stones and precious metals, lots of seed bead work, woven, crocheted, various stitches. Incredible work, incredibly displayed waiting to be promoted to the right market. It all boils down to getting the art to the right market and the right audience that desires to buy it. It has got to get past the people who appreciate it, admire it but would not spend the money to get it. That is the spot a lot of artists find themselves in and it is not an easy road....Some have success and some dont.

Later in the day as I drove on Highway 101 I watched all the impatient people make very silly decisions while driving, from speeding, to tailgating, to pulling out in front of oncoming traffic, to running red lights and I WONDER.....what is the urgency??? Have any of them actually sat at an intersection and counted off 60 seconds...If we cant pull out into traffic in 10 seconds, its like....OMG, I'm gonna die here...waiting to pull out. will probably, some day, die pulling out, not waiting to pull out.

These people rushing to and fro and missing are missing it. No matter how much you cram in to 24 hours, you can not extend it, you can only be aggravated by it...and boy there are alot of aggravated people out there.

They really get aggravated by me. I drive the speed limit, I slow down when someone tailgates me.....My biggest mistake is that I let these people influence me when I drive and what I should be doing is totally wiping them out of my mind and trust me....I am working on doing that. The KEY to success in everything you do is to recognize your problems, look them square in the eye and resolve to fix them, do something about them....become a better person to yourself and those around you. That's my responsibility and YOURS too.

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