Saturday, March 10, 2012 a world full of noise and distractions

The more you listen for his voice the more you will hear it....Yep you might not hear what you want to hear, but you will hear what is best for you......

* God does promise to reveal to you, day by day,
the path that you should follow.

* God does promise you the fullness of joy when
you seek His presence.

* God does promise you pleasures forevermore when
you choose to place yourself in His hand, and no one else's.

So, yes, it definitely can be that simple when we choose to embrace a
positive attitude in the midst of our trials - believing and trusting that
God's wonderful presence is with us now and forevermore.

Even when the path becomes rough, hold on to God's assurance of
"fullness of joy" and His "pleasures forevermore."
* * *
Lord, I have much to learn and even more to
discover about Your plan for my life.
I want to place myself in Your hand, to find there,
even in the toughest of times,
Your presence with fullness of joy...and
Your pleasures forevermore.

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