Monday, October 18, 2010

This is why I create!

I create, I throw out my creativity and my thoughts into the universe....I wonder, I despair, no one hears, no one feels the connection, no one understands......and then God in his infinite wisdom chooses to let me know when he wants to and not before.....

"Dear Rosie,
I've been meaning to get this note off to you sooner and apologize for not doing so before now.  My husband & I met you at the Newport Farmers Market in early Sept.  (I was the gal that forgot my glasses at your booth.)  We purchased 2 of your wonderful hats.  One for me (that I cherish!) and another for our friend, Darlene, who's been going through cancer treatments. 
The day we gave Darlene the hat was very pleasant & warm.  When we arrived at her house, we found her sitting in the back yard  enjoying the sunshine, wearing a rather shabby baseball cap.  When she opened her gift, she got a very wide smile & immediately whipped off the baseball cap and put on her new hat.  She loved it, as did her husband Steve.  After Steve made a few adjustments to get the flower on the hat placed just so, we all had a nice visit. We're happy to say that Darlene's cancer seems to be going into remission and we are all praying for her recovery.  She's regaining her confidence and has started to take short trips to get out of the house.  Of course, wearing her fancy new hat!  I'd looked for months for just the right hat for her, but never found it until we met you in Newport.  I wanted to thank you & let you know your wonderful creation was received with lots of smiles and is being well loved!
I hope our paths will cross again!  God Bless!

I do not get these affirmations until God knows I really need them and then he showers them down.  This has happened more than once and I have finally come to hear and understand his voice.  How can I not praise him and give him all the glory.....Thank you Jesus!

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