Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank you Jesus!

 On Oct 18, 2010, at 4:07 PM, Kathy Santos wrote: Hi Wildwomen, I pray things are good for you. I was at the factory stores and I saw that your felt Art Bra is displayed and even your write up that you put along with it. It was nice to see again and to read the message. I am so happy that Linda and Vince joined you for a Bible Study. Thanks so much for sharing with my sister. My heart is heavy for the challenges that are in her life. Got to run......Write Back soon Love Kathy........

Hi Kathy.....Lighten your heart....God is watching over Linda and Vince and is the one in charge. She knows and he will only put on her plate what she can deal with.

I stand in awe of what he does in each of our lives and I give him the glory for all that happens....For instance.....When we were away this week-end Tom's brother, Carl, was driving the group bus, many passengers, and came around a corner and everyone had stopped. He slammed on the brakes, went into the other lane, past 5 cars and then back and everyone was safe. 

Later that night, at dinner, everyone was praising Carl's expertise at the was NOT Carl....but God's grace and his plan that decided what would happen....Thank you dear Jesus!!!! and if it had not happened the way it did....We would still be thanking you..... cause you know what you are doing and I am so happy I have finally figured that out.....It makes life so much more rewarding and peaceful!

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