Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God is not a Building

It seems when I talk to some people about God.....some have the defense that they do not need a church to believe in God.  What I hear is that "Church" which man has designated and determined rules and doctrine has somehow annihilated the very person it is suppose to attract and nuture.  I also hear that that is the perfect excuse of the person to not go to church.   

In fact.  you are not going to are worshiping God with like-minded persons wherever that might be needs to needs to be a permanent part of your Christian walk.....  This can happen anywhere 2 or more are gathered in his name.  The place does not have to have a name or a denomination.  But....there needs to be a gathering together of a spiritual vitality that radiates between a people, God and the Lamb. ask....I want to do it fellowship, no church, just me and God doing our thing together.  I guess I can only give you an analogy of accountability.  I want to lose weight and I can do it on my own.  I do not need to weigh in front of people once a week.  I can do it!   Maybe...but most likely NOT.  

 Accountability has a way of evaporating when it's just me being accountable.   I can thing of a million reason why it does not work and why it is not my fault.  It must be the genes! But it can work....whether it is weight watchers or letting God into your life....if you have an accountability check....with those on the same journey as have a tendency to succeed.  Succeeding at weight loss is grand but nothing can compare with succeeding and reaping the joy of salvation and eternal life.  God loves me at 150lbs  or 250lbs or anywhere inbetween  and he is there with me when I try,succeed, fail, fall, ask for forgiveness, pick myself up and start all over. His hand is extended, lifting me up, brushing me off and allowing me to continue on.
am reminded of John's great vision of the New Jerusalem, in which he noted that he saw no temple during his tour of the city because "God and the Lamb are its temple" (Rev 21:22). Worship is not determined by places or buildings but by the spiritual vitality of the relationships between a people, God and the Lamb

A living relationship is what you want with God.  A day to day conversation, letting him into you life, giving him the glory, praising him for all that he gives and even what he does not give or what he takes away because you trust him and his plan for your life.  It takes 1 step...Start with reading the bible. to your heart, your ears, your eyes....see his glory, the greatness of his LOVE, inch by inch, moment by moment, you will want more
and you will feel more and you will see more and you will hear more and it will not be easy because now you know and you are still in this world and people think you are crazy, stupid, or just plain fooled.  Then the pain begins....the pain for all those who dont know..... which moments before you were one of them and now you are one of his(God's)   The holy spirit has filled you, revealed to you, solved the mystery and claimed you and you want everyone to have it and you can not see why they don't understand.....Are you perfect....a righteous Christian (Lover of God) pointing fingers and telling everyone they are going straight to HELL?   You have just been rescued from the depths of HELL and certainly are not perfect, not ever will be.  I am just a sinner, who has been blessed and infused with the Holy spirit who has convicted me, opened my eyes, opened my ears and has showed me the way (and I have accepted his advice) to eternal life.  The hand has been held out and I have chosen to grasp it and be saved.  Everyone has that opportunity....EVERYONE.....

I LOVE you Jesus....The savior of my soul and the bridge between me and GOD. 

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