Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enlightenment Via God

Oh boy, Twitter, has really opened my eyes to the volumes of rhetoric on how to live your life, how to prosper, how to gain enlightenment, how to be happy, how to.....

I dont know about you but when a stranger is telling me how to be happy and just charging $97 dollars for the privilege, I just can't fall into it. The bible is can go into any church and receive one. The next step is to read it and the next step you really want to achieve is to begin to understand what you are reading.

My husband and I are reading the Bible in a year. We started out with the New King James Version and about six books into the Old testament it was.....oh my....can I get through this....but then divine intervention and we changed to "The Message" version and suddenly God's word became crystal clear. NO human can begin to give you instruction on a joy filled life. It only comes from our Lord. Our God, Jesus Christ, the creator and maker of me and this world. So I will tweet, I will follow and be followed, but the words spewed, unless God-like and according to the Bible, are just faint shadows on the landscape of humanity which will fall on my deaf ears and only feed my purpose to proclaim my Lord more loudly than before. Go God!!!!

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