Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Artist Way 2008 Oregon Coast Word Cloud and beyond

From Jalene: I don't know exactly what you're up to but, I love it. 

This journey of exploration has been unlike any other experience in my life. The reading opened me to new ways of thinking and feeling while the tasks challenged me to go deeper into myself. Being with other like-minded women felt like a warm, safe blanket wrapped around me as I delved into the new world inside me. As this journey comes to a technical end, I find a particular knowing coming to me over and over in many diverse situations. "I am enough."

From: Joy: What a rush! It was refresher course on how to live life and a jolt in the arm to push me toward following my writers’ call. Wonderful wild women doing wonderful wild things in a mundane and tame world. Wild women rock!

 From: Merry Ann: Having a mind set that God created me creative has changed a lot for me.  I will take care of the quantity and He will take care of the quality.  Those are brand new thoughts for me.  Even taking care myself as an artist has been an amazing growth process for me.  The morning pages have put me in touch with my self.  The comment of Jalene that "If I'm not in touch with me, who's going to be?" really is so true.  I pour out my soul in "blurts" which was also a new concept for me.  Playing was also a forgotten past time.  I am now playing at my art.  I have a easel and a drafting board both.   The easel is brand new and I don't know that I would have purchased it if I hadn't had the Artist Way going for me.  I do need to spoil the artist in side of me with a purchase every now and then.  

 Each chapter in the Artist Way has given me insight into my own art work.  Rosie noted that as soon as I started to give my sketches to people I had a break through.  That was the direct result of my answer to the question, "What would I do if I had all the money I could ever use?" "I'd give my art away and never care that people understood the poetry in the drawing."    Rebecca and Jalene and Mindy being connected to the Sitka Center made me remember how much I have loved that area for decades - since the 70's.   The experience of glazing plates sang a new melody into my heart.  I was enchanted by the heron I would see every morning and had a chance to draw him in quick glazes that stayed in place.  Rebecca let me use one of the nicest brushes that practically painted by itself.  Mindy reminded us that glazing is chemistry.  

The night that Rosie, Mindy and I painted my patio will live on for probably a century because concrete lasts forever.  It was more than fun; it was a dream coming true.  What a great reminder of a way of living that expands your vision of art to the ordinary and beyond.  Rosie inspires me with laughter and how she really gets excited about art work.  She is like an energy tonic.  She could create a Jackson Pollock extravaganza before she knew who he was.  She is greatness personified.  Unintimidated with the formal art world she moves into a larger arena gracefully.  

 Joy made me understand that I could be the patron for my own work.  The synergy of artist is one of the most nurturing feelings.  The Artist Way taught me to be free and supportive of the other artists who come into my life.  Appreciation is part of it, but there was so much more as each week the synchronicity of the weeks miracles was reported to the group.  There were miracles in my life that I  might have seen but more likely I would have dismissed them as coincidences.  I

Even my real estate work has turned into a more creative path for me.  Certainly the Artist Date each week made an impression on me.  Buying frames instead of a TV and putting up my art work changed my view of me.  I have always suspected that if I didn't do art work I would find destructive things to do to myself and one of those things is food.  The Artist Way 2008 on the Oregon Coast helped me lose about 14 lbs.  Being happier and playing with the art materials has been a breakthrough on so many levels I can hardly tell you how much more alive I feel.  Oh by the way my real estate production has taken off during this period as well so there goes one more myth I might have held onto. 

From Rebecca: I'm so grateful to this little group for the constant support and thoughtful gatherings we have had over the last 12 weeks. Even when we weren't able to meet regularly or veered from the week's agenda, just knowing the group was there and committed to the same path was deeply restorative and reassuring. I especially loved our actively creative meetings when we drew or painted while we talked about the Book and Exercises.  I would love to reconvene again in the future and see what changes we've all made.  Thanks so much for everyone's devotion to me and  this worthwhile process. You have all been so generous! 

From Mindy: Artist way has been a deep adventure into the motivations of my soul. I have learned to understand my weaknesses and push my strengths. I have a special place in my daily routine for Morning Pages and have sacred ferocity for artist dates. Mostly though I have enjoyed spending time with you wonderful ladies.

From Rosie: ..Who would have known the scope of our wonderful journey we have traveled with The Artist Way 2008 Oregon Coast.  One moment in time, the wheels are set in motion and the journey begins.  How can I convey to each of you what you mean to me.......The Artist Way was the fabric but you all are the glue.....You set in motion a feeling of sameness, of friendship, of playing, of listening to the beat of everything that we humans are.....6 women, all different but the same......I can not tell you what this has meant to me....This bond has pushed me farther than I probably wish to go.....The Artist Way and you all came into my life for a purpose and I can feel it helping me with my walk in this world.....I want you all to know.......How much I appreciate each and every one of you....

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Niki Price said...

Hi to Wildwoman and her TAW friends --
I came upon your blog thanks to the Google Alert system, which combs the Web looking for things I'm interested in, like "Oregon Coast" and "Lincoln City." Anyway, imagine my surprise to find you here, and pursuing The Artist's Way! I've had that book in my bedside table since March, and have been working on daily pages -- and other stuff -- off and on ever since.
Uninvited as I was, I was glad to read your biography. It's so nice to know you better, S.
So, here's to our continued "recovery," artistic and otherwise.
Niki P.