Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Woman's Touch

I hate dirt and I really, really hate MUD!!! I do not want footprints of clay-like material trekking across my floors.

Take soil with lots of clay in it, Oregon rain, Men who tromp and what do you have........MUD....

Now I understand construction requires playing in the MUD. But I have never understood why it is necessary to tromp it all over the place. Could we not have clean shoes and dirty shoes??? Seems possible to me.

So....we are creating a 160 foot baby trench 14" deep for a water line going around the perimeter of the new building. We are high-Tech and using a digging-trenching machine......It moves very slow, in fact slow enough to complete a manicure while you are waiting for it to move. we stand there at the mercy of the machine, waiting for it to do it's thing or do we attend to necessary matters while we wait???

Women have always been good at multi-tasking....

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