Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Living a life worth living

150 feet from the only major highway on the Oregon Coast, Highway 101, the coastal scenic goes on without acknowledgement of the hustle bustle of people late for work, vacationers trying to vacation, people zigging and zagging along their various paths.....The blackberries are ripe and sweet in taste....The woman with the camera flashing away is no threat. They can feel that as I walk closer and closer, flashing away.....I am not perceived as a threat. The threat lies on the highway....The bustling cars, the incessant talking on the cell phones, the inattention to what lies ahead.....that is the threat....not only to the innocent animals but to mankind itself. The only blessing lies in knowing you can not change the destination of mankind. Your main concern is to live a life worth living while you have it.......Sounds good to me.....Rosie the wildwoman

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