Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting Rosie's Retreat ready to sell(click here)

This adventure has been an affirmation of how easy it is to love everything you have, possessions and relationships. It has committed to my mind that I have a tendency to just live through something instead of celebrating it. As I cleaned my house, as I scrubbed dirt off my tiles, as I planted flower baskets.......I took the time to really feel and see what I was doing and to get great joy from the appreciation of what I was doing.....instead of the usual....I've gotta do it, I dont want to do it and while I'm doing it I will be miserable. Each possession I picked up, I appreciated, cleaned and re-arranged and remembered why I made it or why I bought it.....This lead me to thinking about my relationships and how easy it is to just live through them instead of making the time to actually see and feel them......It is true, folks, We HAVE THE POWER IN OUR MIND TO BE HAPPY, no matter what WE are doing......

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That is just so so true.

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