Sunday, June 08, 2008


I was surfing Amazon this morning for a dvd father's day present and to get my free shipping I went to my wish list of art books........I came across this review from a person in Florida....

"I am a jeweler who does art shows and galleries. I collect a lot of jewelry books as they give me new ideas and different techniques to do things. This is single handedly the worst jewelry book I have ever read. The author is/was orginally a fiber person. It's obvious since her metalsmithing techniques are so poor. I'm all for using short cuts, but she never recommends a rawhide mallet to flatten metal and uses a hole punch to make holes in the metal. YIKES! The finished projects are on par with any elementary school art show."

It wears me out to read "puffed up" stuff like this but it will never stop me from CREATING art.. I am so happy I believe that creating is so much more important than technique and that bringing forth "art from the heart" is a joy.   It's fine to be perfect in technique but this type of attitude is what stops a lot of people from finding their creative side.....Do NOT be daunted by these comments.......Go forth and CREATE ART!!!!!!!!  

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