Sunday, July 09, 2006

My First Parade July 4, 2006

July 4, 2006 Gleneden Beach Oregon. A small town parade, complete with breakfast at the Community Center, arts and crafts fair at Eden Hall, Singing in the Shower scholarship competition, happy spectators, happy participants carrying on a precious freedom of the right to assemble. As Amercians, we all have such wonderful rights we enjoy. Why do some abuse those rights??? Miss Rosie ponders....and wonders why there is the person who comes up to the narrowing of 2 lanes to 1 and insists on staying in the disappearing lane to get ahead of a few more cars. Miss Rosie ponders why would someone actually drive 45 in a 30 mph zone??? Our society is based on common rules and laws that are not too hard to follow or abide by. Why do you suppose there are those who cant do that? Well....Miss Rosie attributes some of her happiness and she's got lots to keeping the rules, keeping the laws, it really aint that hard, ya know. It's like....which do you do...good or bad....It is really your choice....ya cant blame it on anyone else....nope...Miss Rosies gives you full responsibility for your choices......Something really cool happens, though, when you raise your consciousness to stop and actually, physically, mentally and spiritually consider your choice between good and bad, right or wrong, legal or illegal....You can conquer the bad, the wrong, the illegal and WOW.....what a rush.....try it.....

Miss Rosie took this really cool picture at the parade....Open your eyes and you will see..... Can you see the 3 people in the picture or maybe its parts of people. A clown smoking....just seemed like I should snap a pix.

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