Friday, June 30, 2006


Miss Rosie was pondering the other night, a little lit by a bottle of wine why God is not worshiped like Elvis is, or the Beatles, or Joe Namath. The world has sports idols, movie star idols, famous people idols. We spend money on the idols, we emulate the idols, we want to be more like the idols, we want money like the idols have, we worship the idols, we put the idols on pedestals, we expect the "human idols" to be more than human, to never do wrong, to always be set examples for our children and us.....

Miss Rosie says: Aren't these people.....FALSE IDOLS????? Shouldnt you be questioning the worship of false idols???? Shouldnt you be questioning the motives of our society of raising these people to idolship....possibly to make money on ya think???

Miss Rosie says: always keep your eyes open when mega money is being is usually not in your best interest......even if it feels so good at the moment.

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