Thursday, June 08, 2006

dont worry about people stealing your work, if your work is really any good you will have to ram it down their throats

The latest craze in all the forums, bead magazines and general ya-ya has been about exclusitivity of our work. One of the bead magazines has even published a "CODE of ETHICS" I am sure all the ancestors, the people living ,in remote places without internet, tv or any other media have and "ARE" ,at this very moment, creating things just like yours. (maybe even better....heaven forbid)

Take a for instance. Marylou lives in New Zealand. She does not have access to TV, internet and really dislikes media all together so she really doesnt waste her time with it. Marylou comes up with some incredible beads shaped like a bone.

Across the seas, a very savvy beadmaker comes up with the incredible idea of bone beads, posts them in the forums, starts selling them on ebay and is very insulted and shouts "FOUL" if anyone else makes her exclusive "BONE BEADS" GIVE ME A BREAK...... How can a shape be someone's exclusive right, or a color, or a flower, or a fish. How can a technique be someone's exclusive right of authorship. Just because it has been published. Nope....I'm not buying it.

Miss Rosie your creative energy for creating, let the copy thing rest, create with your soul, open your eyes, see around you and beyond you and your surroundings, let go.....and you will receive all that you need and be happy at the same the way...this is Miss Rosie's first bone bead....a milk bone that is.....

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