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Because if Christian really care.....
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excerpt.....But there’s no gagging a heart that’s been possessed by grace.

excerpt......Why in the world am I sitting here eating chocolate and thumbing through glossy pages and fluffing up my comfortable little North American life?

excerpt.......And my mouth, tail of the heart, it can’t lie still and the words give the heart away:
excerpt....“Can you be a Christian and not carry a cross?”
excerpt.....I’m holding it in my hand, the prayer book with a photo of a Muslim girl on the coverHow can we identify ourselves with Christ — and have no cross?
excerpt.....How can we claim Christ who paid it all and then lead a life that costs us nothing?
excerpt....No one can earn salvation in Christ but don’t we spend our lives thanking Christ for it? There’s no questioning that salvation is a free gift — but that can’t mean your life then is a free ride. Jesus plus nothing = everything  — means nothing to us unless we’re giving Christ our everything. I’m looking around the table.
excerpt....I’m looking at me.

I can not recommend this woman's blog and her book 1000 gifts  enough.....

My heart aches for those who have not found hurts so much how lost this generation is and generations past were...but read the bible....we have been screwed up for a very looooooooong time, from perfect creation, to the long battle against God and with Sin and the final coming back to God and the new earth as it was designed to be... Revelations 21-22.....we will continue on this downward spiral and wonder what has happened.  I can only recommend reading the bible and you will see what has happened and how it will all be reconcilled to God's amazing plan and how you can be a part of it.   Let them who have eyes to see....see and those who have ears to hear....hear....

All my life NO ONE was in my face about my eternal destination....Looking back....I wish they had been and I wish they had made me so mad that I would have sought to prove them WRONG......At least I would have been in the word.....
those who think me preaching, biased, religious , narrow minded, Satan has you right where he wants you........I have seen the light....I will proclaim the light, I have eternal life in the light and this is what I so deeply pray for all!  Rosiewildwoman

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