Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Privilege of Baptism

Sunday October 30, 2011 I have the privilege of publicly declaring the Lord Jesus my Savior and to die to him and to live again in him by full immersion baptism. 

You can read everything the authorities say about baptism....by clicking here.

If you go to youtube and type in baptism you will see many videos. you will also see comments telling you what is wrong.....Who are these people to say what is right or wrong......There is only one worthy of an opinion and his words are in the bible.

I prefer to read the bible, pray to my father and receive his instruction as to what baptism means.  I want to keep it in it's purest form.....and for me....it is......an acknowledge of what Jesus Christ did for me.....and my acknowledgement to him that I believe, have faith, have died to sin, have been reborn and am a new creature in him.....Thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to accept eternal life.....Rosie

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