Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Earthquake in New Zealand

When it comes to God, you either believe in him and Jesus Christ as the only way or you do not.  
It always amazes me how combative the topic can become.

As a believer, somehow, I am perceived to be looking down on the unbeliever, criticizing them, telling them how they should live their life, telling them they will go to hell, telling them when they die it will be done with no hope of eternal life. 

I am not saying this, God's word, the Bible is saying this and I believe his word.  I do not have to
threaten anyone to be good or go to hell.  The person, within themselves, needs to come to that
conclusion.  I can tell you that I know, by faith, that not all will be saved, not all will have eternal
life, not all will experience joy on this earth and greater joy beyond. 

But I will tell you that each and every one of us has the choice.   And when someone talks to you about God, their savior, or God talks to you directly as he did with me, it is to offer that choice, again, and again, and again and again.  

It is amazing what I heard when I took the dirt of this world out of my ears.  God's voice, his deeds, his word is everywhere and I delight in every minute of my relationship with him.  

Livingwaters.com is not a soft and cuddly Christian site.  They sort of put it right in your face, so it is not for everyone....I really do appreciate the real meat of the word of God spread on the street and it  adds another dimension to my walk with the Lord.  My walk is not always light and fluffy full of everything good but when the rocks appear, I stumble, I stub my toe, or something more terrible happens, I can still rest in my God and give him the glory cause he knows what he is doing and I cant wait to see the results of his always perfect work.  


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