Monday, September 20, 2010

I am slowly learning to LOVE all people and NOT LOVE all the sin

My lesson today brought to me by the Lincoln City Convention and Visitor Bureau. Lincoln City Oregon 

The details of the photo and the event surrounding it makes no difference.  

 Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau also commented on their photo  (which was deleted along with the comments regarding it)

Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau wrote:
"This young man won the costume contest as well as raised money for the National Association for Down-syndrome."

  Good Deeds are always commendable irregardless of who is doing them.  But good deeds can never mask sin.  Sin is in us all and when you recognize it and ask for forgiveness your life will change.  Will you be perfect???? .never but you will begin the journey of becoming more like your creator.   I will pray for the young man and those who can not see the sin in this world.  

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