Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When your Soul Needs Rest

........I can feel God's hand on my shoulder and his voice in my ear to share Holley's words....as they help and lift me I know they will help and lift others. Quiet time has never been more appealing to me than at this moment in my life..... and I really connect to the "city girl" as I will always be a city girl but now with a very strong attraction to the primitive times when it was easy and hard at the same time to make due with what we had or didn't have. Now we are being swallowed up with things we have and things we want....... when the only "thing" that will truly satisfy is given "freely" but how can it be worth anything if it is free......It is so easy that it must be a trick? Right??????

Reposted from Heart to Heart with Holley
I get on a plane.

Fly to Alaska.

I joke on the drive to where we're staying about how I'm a "city girl."

And then, in that wide open beauty, surrounded by my family, I fall in love with quiet all over again.

It's odd how we don't know how starved our souls are until someone offers us a good meal. I'm back home now, full and satisfied.

And asking myself, "How can I live that way here?"

We can't always go to quiet.

But we can be intentional about allowing it to come into our lives.

And, even more importantly, asking God to bring it to our hearts.

Then we can have calm anywhere, even in the middle of chaos.

Alaska let me see on the outside what I long for on the inside.


In the middle of our busy world, our hectic lives, we all need more quiet--more space of the soul, more room for joy.

So we ask you to bring that to us.

Help us to slow down, take deep breaths, enjoy what you've given us.

You are our calm, our peace, our refuge.

Thank you for being the place our hearts can go when we need rest.


I have stilled and quieted my soul like a weaned child with its mother. Ps 131:2

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