Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Power of God

When I got up this morning there was news about all the text donations thru the phone company to Haiti,  online donations by millions.  Yes I will be donating online directly to the Red Cross site.  What struck me as vital, was and has impressed me for quite awhile, the instantaneous of the internet and the willingness of millions to act as one.   It is being set in place by my father (God) the time when, as billions, one world, one money, one everything we will decide to believe or not believe the false God.  When that time comes, I want to be prepared to make the right decision.  The only way to stay prepared is to be with our Father daily.  This was a discussion my husband and I had while I was making french toast.  Then I went to my emails and the following devotion was there.  Confirming exactly what Tom and I were talking about. 

 Feed Your Faith Daily

4 But He answered and said, "It is written, `Man shall not live
by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth
of God.'"

You may neglect the Word of God and still exist, but you will
not enjoy life -- really live -- as God intended, without
feeding regularly on God's Word.

Just as you need physical food to remain strong physically, you
also need spiritual food to stay strong spiritually.

God's Word -- the Bible -- is the food that feeds our faith,
and gives us spiritual strength.

Every day you need to feed, at least some, on God's Word.

A helpful key is to develop good habits, such as reading the
Word every time you eat food, or every morning when you awake,
or right before you go to sleep. The time is not important,
just that you remember every day.

There are many ways to feed on God's Word available to us
today. Reading, or listening to, teaching from the Bible is one
way. Speaking the Word -- especially when you personalize it,
can really build your faith fast. Of course, nothing can
replace your own reading of the Bible, or having it read to

Most of us have busy schedules. Time is scarce, and we must
invest it wisely. Nothing will benefit us more -- both in this
life and in the one to come -- than feeding on God's Word.

All of us can find time for God's Word, if we want to. You can
write Scriptures on cards to read and meditate on whenever you
stop in traffic, or whenever you have to wait for someone.
Maybe listening as you travel, or as you prepare for work, is a
good plan for you.

The important thing is that you have a plan, so you don't let
this most important habit slip.

Seeing the Word. Hearing the Word. Speaking the Word. Thinking
about the Word. This is what builds our faith and keeps us
strong spiritually.

SAY THIS: I will feed my faith daily on God's Word.

Some will say...just a coincidence.  I did believe that at one time.  And guess what....All my life God was knocking on the door asking to come in and I just didnt hear him.   Once you open your heart, your ears, your mind, God will be with you and talk to you all the time and times like this one will be just an affirmation of God, his love, his grace and his spiritual blessings.  

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