Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas

Does anyone remember the show "To tell the Truth" Well, the truth is....Cold Weather upsets me. I am afraid. I do not want to drive, I do not want to be around anyone else driving, I absolutely go into hiding.....I really admire those who frolic and play in the snow, the sub zero temperatures, the ice. In fact, I envy them. My hands hurt....No matter how many layers, I am cold.....Some people are blessed with warm blood and I just saw one at the grocery store yesterday.....20 degrees and they are wearing shorts....You gotta be kidding.....My teeth hurt just looking at them. What a weenie I am......But....I have one great revelation for all.....You have no control over the weather. You can either enjoy it or suffer miserably...So when the snow fell and the ice covered the parking just seemed fitting to write my feelings in the snow.....Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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