Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Creativity Retreat....It is right in front of you...FREE

I am researching creativity retreats.....I googled it and am bookmarking the sites to go back and study and find the key words, the selling points, the insight into what people are thirsting for...and why they are willing to pay big bucks for it ....... to feel the cool, cool water of freedom flow over their bones. I find all kinds of places offering spiritual relief, creative relief, artistic relief. We want to escape to these places because living the life expected to be lived is a DRAG.....We want coaches to show us the way to be happy...We engage in an endless loop pursuing  what we believe will bring us happiness. We have not made the decisions on how we want our life to play out....We follow what others tell us  because it is easy....but we follow and find no joy.....Life is search the web again and find the places that will give us a glimmer of what life could be and we pay our big bucks for that moment of bliss when.....if we opened our eyes and looked around us....we would see everything we needed and wanted.....Right in front of us....FREE for the just gotta LOOK..... Rosie the wildwoman

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