Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's Wrong with Not Being Right????

This Sunday I got the chance to see (for the first time) indoor kite flying. Four past National Champions were there. Each routine is performed to music and the kites float on the windless air. Not your normal kite. The material is 0.3mm thick according to one of the vendors at the event The Kite Shoppe

As one of the champions got ready for his demo he tangled the kite's lines and the announcer said: "see...even masters can do it wrong" That comment hit me and my adventures with my creative journey. As I talk to more and more people, I see where I was....afraid to try because I wouldn't do it right...always telling myself I couldn't do it, always afraid of ridicule or a pat on the head.

But...what really became apparent to me from that comment is the sheer joy of not doing it right (according to someones preconceived idea) and having the openness of the mind to see the POSSIBILITIES that were just presented in a flash of stupidity.

For you see....it is only stupid to the one who is stuck on right and they will spoil it for you if they can (not intentionally) but Miss Rosie says: "DON'T LISTEN" explore with wild abandon your so-called stupidity it will lead you to brilliance.

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