Thursday, January 03, 2008

They are wearing sunglasses, there's no sun...what does that mean????

I drive up and down Highway 101. The sun is not shining, it's gray and dark.....But yet....people are wearing sunglasses....Now...we are talking "SUN" glasses....Those rims we wear when the sun is shining.....Dark shades that keep the sun out of your eyes or hide your soul from the world. Mmmmmm....Why are you wearing sunglasses on a dark...dreary day....????


Danius said...

Some people are extremely sensitive to any day light, like myself, i wear sunglases everyday because i suffer with headaches if i don't.

On the other side of the coin, some people where sunglasses because it makes them feel less anxious, a sort of way of "hiding" from the outside world, funny as it may seem, having social anxiety is not.

And of course there is those who just wear them because they feel like they look cool with them on, and some mabe disguising themselves, but whatever the case, does it really matter if that person is happy wearing sunglasses. . whatever the day?.

Rosie the wildwoman said...

Hi Danius....when I post a question, I am always looking for answers and opinions, even educated guesses....Thank you for your comments....I appreciate them. I too have very sensitive eyes to bright lights so I love living on the Oregon Coast where we do not get alot of bright light...when we do I definitely put my shades on...Went to look at your profile but there is none? Again...thanks for the comments and I now am going to ponder what i did different to start getting my blog viewed. How did you see it? surfing? or from a link. My inquiring mind would love to know. Rosie the wildwoman