Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't Be A Quiet Christian

Never really thought about it before I opened my eyes. Always knew I believed in God, always knew I was saved, always knew I was going to heaven.....Always felt safe and fuzzy and comfortable. Actually too comfortable, too lay-back, too quiet.

As I started talking about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit it all seemed so real and up-close.... not just some distant comfortable feeling. Think of a ladder....God was always there on the bottom rung....As I brought him up the ladder of my consciousness so did I bring my awareness of right and wrong.

Oh, Miss Rosie has always known what was right and wrong but could always justify or reason out why she did the wrong....what she wanted to do, not what God wanted her to do. God's voice was soooo distant coming from the bottom rung of the ladder, quite easy to block.

But I disgress.....what about the quiet Christian......Once I started talking....I was amazed at how many Christians there were around me. Never would have known it though....cause....they are so quiet. So....I am in the process of trying to find out why they are so quiet. are they ashamed of their faith??? is it just not politically correct to speak about God?? you has it's churches and nowhere else, is it embarassing?....will people shun you?, will you make people mad?, nasty?, defiant? What is IT.....Why are Christians QUIET?

Well, Miss Rosie knows the Lord, our God, wants you to talk about him, shout his name, praise him and share him with those around you. Miss Rosie says....there will always be skeptics around you.....its OK.....just dont be QUIET.

....and just remember, if you are not there yet....its OK because no matter how long you keep God on the bottom rung of the ladder of your life, he is patient, he loves you and will welcome you at any time.

...just dont wait too long....there is a "'s too late" clause in the contract and its not just a rapture for's a sorry....look at what you missed while you were on this earth.

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