Monday, May 29, 2006

Welcome to Miss Rosies Wisdom. This blog is an experiment I am conducting of posting my random thoughts for 365 days and then on May 29, 2007 I am going to look back and see where I was and where I am.

So many things are happening so fast that I just want to have a record of one year for savoring once gone.

8:05 am Monday (Memorial Day) May 27, 2006 What happens when you discover your creative soul and renew and rebirth your relationship with God all at the same time? What happens when you can look inside and realize you have a lot of refining to do, admit your mistakes, view your shortcomings, marvel at your talent, feel blessed by the love of your spouse, have the joy of creating everyday with your best friend (your mom), look at yourself and know you need to be more active and lose 50 pounds.

You could be overwhelmed or you could just be a WILDWOMAN

10:00 p.m. Just got back from the place to zone. It's amazing how many people sit at the slot machines in a world all their's really, really amazing how much money is being spent by people in casinos. I wonder if everyone really has that much extra cash to spend. I also know that most people do not win and mostly, if you ask, they will tell you they win, all the time. It's nice to say that, but, in the long run, it's not true. There will always be the person that wins and that person is the most envied and the most noticed, leaving all the losers to go unnoticed. Speaking of losers.....I am going to give a suggestion to the Oregon Lottery Commission. When you place your ticket in the machine to see if you have won, it says.....usually...."not a winner" Well....I'm sorry.....I am a winner, we all are winners and I think the machine should say, "Not this time....try your luck again" or something like that. I get tired of having a machine tell me I'm not a winner.....cause I am a winner and so are you......

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majorum said...

dog gone it miss rosie, you just made me cry, and i ain't been long, just finishing my make up, wild woman!
gosh miss rosie, you are a true inspration, i ask the lord no....
i told the lord the other day, i said lord, i need an angel, and a word from you, and here you are! i love to keep 1 yr. journals too. i just started my blog the other day, and i'm looking forward to looking back too.i know you are headed for an amazing year.thanks miss rosie.god bless all your endeavors.